Matthieu Stigler

Agriculture and Development Economics using Big Data

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I am an environmental and agricultural economist specialized in using satellite data techniques to gain new insights in economics. I am currently a Research Associate at the Environmental Policy Lab at ETH Zurich. Before that, I was a post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford's Center for Food Security and the Environment, and obtained my PhD from UC Davis- Agricultural Economics

In my research harnessing the impressive progress of satellite technologies, I studied the dynamics of agricultural expansion over two million fields in the US, analyzed new solutions for agricultural risk management in the US and in Kenya, and am currently investigating policies to reduce deforestation in the Amazon and Indonesia. At the methodological level, another part of my research focuses on the econometric challenges raised by such big data. I have been working on adjusting satellite prediction techniques for causal inference and developing a new asymptotic theory for the ultra-high dimensionality encountered with satellite data.