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  • Stigler, M. et al. Book review : Methods to analyse Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 39:4, www
  • Steffen, …, Stigler, M., …, Contract Management after milk quotas, in Yearbook of Socioeconomics in Agriculture, SSA, pdf


  • Stigler, M. Commodity Price properties, in Safeguarding Food Security in Volatile Global Markets, FAO, pdf
  • Prakash, A. and Stigler, M. The Economics of information and behaviour in explaining excess volatility, in Safeguarding Food Security in Volatile Global Markets, FAO, pdf
  • Stigler, M. and Prakash, A. The Role of Stocks in Generating Volatility and Crisis, in Safeguarding Food Security in Volatile Global Markets, FAO, pdf
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  • Gairing, M., Mann, S., and Stigler, M. The end of Milk Quotas: Developments on the Swiss Milk Market, ART report series, no 732, www

Conferences, Workshops, presentations


  • Discussant of paper “Does Teacher Certification Program Lead to Better Quality”, EUDN Workshop, Geneva, pdf
  • La Sous-Alimentation un concept évident, mais si difficile à définir, Lausanne University Midi Campus, [pdf] (


  • Invited keynote speaker to Agri-Business event, Theoretical and empirical properties of commodity prices, EAAE 2011 Congress, Zurich, www
  • When bad news becomes panic: an asymmetric Markov Switching GARCH model for the wheat Market, EAAE 2011 Congress, Zurich


  • Discussant of Araujo, S., PhD seminar, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • tsDyn: a collection of threshold models for Price transmission analysis, Workshop on Econometric Aspects of Price Transmission, University of Göttingen, Germany


  • Central Bank preventing Appreciation/Depreciation, NIPFP Research Meeting, India, pdf
  • Threshold cointegration: Overview & Implementation in R, UseR! 2009 Conference, pdf
  • ADR pricing under Market Segmentation, in NIPFP 5th Research Meeting, India. pdf


  • Discussant of Prof. Singh, N. Indian capital control liberalisation: Estimates from NDF market, NIPFP 4th Research Meeting, India, pdf